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Expan is extremely attentive to all aspects that streamline its customers’ work and contribute to the success of their products.

Much more than just the product.

The quality of our customers’ padding and sleep systems is undisputed and – to ensure they can focus on their core business and their products are successful on highly competitive markets – we’ve taken care of everything else too.

From product and packaging personalization to wrapping and transport systems, finishing touches and warehouse stocks, Expan offers a long list of quality services.

One of the most important of these is transport, an aspect in which Expan has invested considerable resources and personnel over the years to ensure a premium service.

The exclusive array of services stems from Expan’s extensive experience in expanded polyurethane manufacturing and an in-depth understanding of customers’ needs.

Dedicated transport

Ultra-efficiency transport

Expan has fine-tuned transport service that takes into account volume and product type.

Expan understands that efficient, reliable product delivery is vital to the integrity of the transported articles and the provision of a properly personalized service.

That’s why Expan has its own carefully coordinated vehicle pool and delivery team, ensuring customers are free from the worry of logistics.

Other Services

Our additional services are equally committed to satisfying customer needs.

Every aspect of such services is the result of far-reaching experience in the expanded polyurethane processing industry and tireless efforts to achieve ever-higher levels of specialization.

An array of opportunities that creates added value.

Discover the main services that Expan supplies to its customers. For any other need… we’re working on it!

Personalized packaging

Expan can personalize packaging in keeping with the customer’s image and the technical characteristics of the product. Various packaging materials are available (nylon, made-to-measure cardboard boxes, non-woven fabric) with personalized graphics.



Expan keeps popular products in stock so customers can count on immediate delivery of those in greatest demand.




Expan offers a slab rolling service to lower costs where products are shipped by container or by other means that are not equipped with presses.



Jersey liners

Expan provides a range of refined ‘Jersey’ liners for slabs and pillows to suit both product type and customer requests.



Expan can personalize foam colours to make products truly unique.



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